Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Busby: 20 months

Busby is 20 months old today! As always time is flying by...!
Busby is learning so quickly now, and this has been a really lovely month. She's so funny, super crazy and more than a little bit cheeky!

This month she has enjoyed counting, riding on trains and learning colours. She still absolutely loves music, and has started to sing along with us! Her favourite songs are The Wheels on the Bus and If you're happy and you know it. Her favourite game is her own take on Musical Statues.

Busby has started piecing words together and creating short sentences, which has impressed us all! Her communication is getting better each day and we're beginning to crack her "personal" language.

Her manners are fantastic when she wants something, which is usually food! Her favourite food this month has been ice cream, and she really enjoys looking through food magazines; I think we've created a mini-foodie!

Last night, we took the bars off her cot and she slept with a duvet in her cotbed for the first time. It took her just over two hours to go to sleep (cue lots of chatting and singing from upstairs!) and she woke up at 5am as she'd fallen out of bed, but I was greeted with lots of kisses and cuddles this morning at 7.30am when she woke up properly - snuggled up in her duvet, looking very cosy!

In four months time Busby will be two years old! Eek!

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Cosatto Giggle New Wave // Our First Impressions

We've been the proud owners of our Giggle New Wave 3-in-1 travel system from Cosatto for almost two weeks now. I've been incredibly impressed so far, and wanted to share my first impressions with you all! A full, detailed review, and perhaps even a vlog (yikes!), will be coming soon, but for now here's what we think after 10 days.

To begin with, and probably most importantly, it was super easy to put together! I am not always the most technically minded (nor patient) of people, but I managed to put the Giggle New Wave together in 15 minutes with Toddler distractions. Everything fitted together perfectly and the instructions made sense, which is always a good thing!

I was immediately impressed with the design of the Giggle New Wave - I talked about it in this post here (when I announced that we were Brand Buddies) - but it really is even more gorgeous in the flesh metal. The bright, vibrant colours are so much fun, and it's a super stylish chariot for Busby to ride around in.
We're always stopped when we're out and about; we've had so many positive comments about the design, as well as hardcore Cosatto fans asking where they can buy the Giggle New Wave! My favourite comment so far has been "She could rule the world in a pram like that!" and I rather agree with the chap!

The New Wave isn't just about looking super stylish! It's got to be practical too, and I feel like so far it really is. I love everything about the frame; from the "3 wheel" style to the beautiful seat, which looks crazy comfortable to snooze in.
The seat height is another favourite feature of mine (and Busby's!); it's higher than any other pushchair we've used previously, and Busby loves being able to see the world from up there.

Unfortunately, the weather has been pretty shocking since our Giggle New Wave has arrived; we've been caught in a number of heavy showers, but it has meant that we've definitely put the raincover to the test! I don't drive, so a decent raincover is really important to me as you can't really hide on public transport until a shower stops like you can in a car!
I've been really impressed with the size of the raincover - it gives the pushchair total coverage and Busby has been nice and dry in there... I wish Cosatto would make one to cover parents too (perhaps a decorative, funky zorbing ball?)! I really love that the raincover's trimmings match the tweedesque print on the pushchair. Although the raincover is a fantastic size for the pushchair, it does mean that it takes up quite a large amount of space in the shopping basket, which is a downside. However, I'd rather have a raincover that works over shopping basket space!

The Giggle New Wave is really fantastic to manoeuvre! It's a super smooth ride, and easy to move around with one hand if you're in the supermarket with a basket, or a coffee, in the other hand. This would also be a great feature for families with more than one child (or a child that likes to get out of their pushchair frequently) as you can push with one hand, and hold a little hand with the other, without the pushchair getting stuck. We walked all the way to the Post Office from our house like this the other day, which is not something I would have attempted previously!

We've fallen in love with the Cosatto Giggle New Wave, and are looking forward to our relationship blossoming over the coming weeks! If you've also fallen head over heels, you can buy the Giggle New Wave 3-in-1 Travel System on the Cosatto website.

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*We are Cosatto Brand Buddies! All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Week That Was: Captured #59

Hello there! 41 days until we get married! #justsaying

Oh, yes and welcome to The Week That Was: Captured! Have you all had a great week?

The rules are simple; link up one post about your week! It can be photographed, Instagrammed, written, videoed... basically in any format you wish! This linky is about capturing memories and I treat it a bit like an online diary. Please only link up relevant posts. Also, if you fancy commenting on other people's posts that would be super too - everyone loves a comment!

Last week
Cathy's (Jacks Paper Moon) post about her two sons was truly beautiful. It's so lovely to read about how much Jack loves their new addition, Noah, and how in-tune he is with his baby brother! Jo's (Jo's Nursery) swiss roll may not have gone exactly to plan - but it still looks very tasty! I also liked the look of her chocolates and wine!! I look forward to Bee's (Bee's Circus) #TWTWC posts as they are always full of gorgeous photos - this week was no different! Bee also started her wedding countdown: one year to go! Eeek! 

Our week
Man alive. This week has been fairly shocking, although there have been some nice moments!

On Sunday we headed into Brighton to buy Busby some new bedding for her cot, as we will be taking the bars off and moving her out of sleeping bags in the very near future. I spent a good hour in Debenhams trying on underwear and slips for the wedding... Snore! I'll be taking it all back this week as none of it is right. I also sent my engagement ring off to (finally) be resized and cleaned!

Monday was rubbish. I took ages to get to sleep and then Busby woke up for a 2.30am rave... and then woke up at 7am after only being back in bed for 3ish hours! I spent the whole day with a headache and in need of a nap... oh, and Nick got sent home from work with conjunctivitis!

I worked on Tuesday and had company as Nick wasn't allowed back into work! He works with patients with compromised immunities, so has to stay off work with anything remotely infectious. Our oven also broke...

Busby and I headed up to London rather early on Wednesday morning where we attended a lovely event hosted by Fisher Price (more on this to follow). Busby decided she didn't fancy staying in the supervised toy area with the other children, so made her way into the hall where talks were being held. Here she proceeded to demonstrate a number of the Professor's examples for unstructured play and task-setting in front of her own audience...! We had a great morning catching up with Aby from You Baby Me Mummy, Lauren from Belle du Brighton and AK from My Buggy Junction, and their little people.

Thursday was good! We headed into Lewes to run some errands in the morning and had an impromptu Mama-Daughter date at Caffe Nero for lunch. Busby walked all the way from our house to the Post Office, which was very impressive! We went swimming with Busby's bestie and co-conspirator "H" and her Mama in the afternoon. I met up with my Bridesman in the evening for a long over-due catch up!

Unfortunately, Friday was an absolute nightmare of a day. Our oven broke on Tuesday, so the electrician came round to have a look at it in the morning. He condemned it! Rather scarily it had been plugged into a piece of wire that was far too thin... and that could have caused a rather nasty fire! Then he discovered A LOT of rat/mouse poison behind the skirting that has obviously been there the whole time we've lived here (18+ months)... This resulted in a number of angry phonecalls to our letting agents and my stress levels going through the roof. Awful awful day. We ended up going to Pizza Express for dinner as couldn't use the kitchen in case the poison had spread. I had a couple of glasses of prosecco with dinner!!

Nick let me have a lie in on Saturday morning as have been feeling crazy exhausted. I took Busby out to the Post Office and then for a picnic, while Nick waited in for the cleaner. The cleaner was over two hours late arriving, and then hadn't been briefed on what he was supposed to do. Sigh. We were planning on attending the wedding reception of a family friend in the afternoon, but sadly couldn't make it due to the oven debacle and late arrival of the cleaner.
1. Wearing my Granny's ring in the place of my engagement ring (Sunday) // 2. Packing up orders and stamping with prosecco (Sunday) // 3. Making our wedding guest book on my sick bed! (Monday) // 4. Cuddles with a fairy (Wednesday) // 5. Discovering her own way... (Wednesday) // 6. Lunch date (Thursday) // 7. Rocking our Giggle New Wave in her wellies (Thursday) // 8. Mucky pup after her bambinocino! (Friday) // 9. Picnicking in The Paddock (Saturday)

What have you been up to this week?

I shall be welcoming next week with open arms - it's my birthday after all!

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Beauty Gems from The Body Shop (and a beautiful giveaway!)

There are some beauty products that you really can't live without! Those are the products that make you feel fantastic, that work wonderfully and most importantly, that don't cost the earth: these are "Beauty Gems".

The Body Shop have compiled a list of 10 "Beauty Gems"; they are the wonder products that experts, professionals and you, the consumer, have hailed worthy of this title - and I have to agree!
The first beauty gem on the list is Nutriganics™Drops of Youth (30ml/50ml for £22/£28 RRP). Ideal for all skin types, the serum combats the first signs of ageing by making your skin feel smoother and firmer. I've been using this at night before bed, and my skin has felt fresher and more hydrated the next morning.

Next up we have the Vitamin C Skin Reviver (30ml for £14 RRP) - I've blogged about this previously here, and it still remains my post-night out skin pick me up! Plus it smells fab! Number six, the wonderful All-in-one™ BB Cream (25ml for £12 RRP) and number seven, the awesome Brow and Liner Kit (3g for £10) also feature on that list.

Third on the "Beauty Gem" list is the Vitamin E Face Mist (100ml for £8 RRP). This product has been a godsend during the hot weather, and is handy enough to keep in my changing bag. It's instantly refreshing and hydrating, and it also protects the skin against harsh environmental elements. It's lightly fragranced with rose-water, and becomes a gentle mist when sprayed on the face. Also fabulous for setting make-up!

Fourth on the list is the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Balm (90ml for £12 RRP), which I've blogged about here. It's wonderful! And I've blogged about number five; Tea Tree Oil (10ml for £7 RRP), here! I've also blogged about number eight, the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (£13) here.

The penultimate "Beauty Gems" on the list are the wonderful make-up brushes from The Body Shop, which range between £8-£16. The super-soft synthetic brushes are hailed by professional make-up artists around the world, and are amazing quality.

Finally, the last "Beauty Gem" is the gorgeous Shea Body Scrub (200ml for £12.50). I am a huge fan of The Body Shop's body scrubs, and this one is beautiful; gently lifting away dead skin cells and leaving my skin feeling super soft and nourished.

All of these "Beauty Gems" can be found instore or on The Body Shop website.

*   *   *
I'm giving away one The Expert Brush collection (containing a blusher brush, eyeshadow brush, foundation brush, face and body brush and lipstick/concealer brush) worth over £60 to one very lucky reader!
I'm also including four colour crush eyeshadows in the prize (worth £28). All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below! T&Cs apply, and the giveaway will end at midnight on Sunday 17th August 2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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*I was sent the above products in exchange for this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Review: Wild Argan Oil from The Body Shop

"There is an ancient belief that when your skin is glowing, it's a reflection of a peaceful soul." 

My skin has been feeling rather tired of late; the final stages of wedding planning, keeping up with this blog, running a business and looking after a feisty toddler are certainly starting to take their toll on my body, so I was very thankful when the lovely folk at The Body Shop sent me some of their new Wild Argan Oil range to try.
Argan Oil was quite trendy last year as a hair product, but I've never thought of using on my body. The Body Shop have developed a nine-product Bath and Body-care range which is indulgent, luxurious and pamper-tastic (yes, I did just make that last word up!). The Argan Oil is pressed by the Berber women in the Atlas mountains, Morocco from hand-picked and hand-cracked Argan tree nuts.

I was sent four products to try:
1. Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel (250ml) £4 RRP.
Firstly this product smells absolutely divine! There's a hint of floral in the fragrance, which makes it the perfect shower gel for the summer. It's wonderfully moisturising and a pleasure to use.

2. Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion (250ml) £8 RRP.
There's something about the aroma of the body lotion that takes me back to the summer holidays of my childhood and, as with the shower gel, it smells gorgeous! It's incredibly moisturising, and the perfect after bath or shower companion.

3. Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil (50g) £8 RRP.
This wonderfully moisturising solid oil is perfect for hair and body. It's fantastic if your hair is feeling a little sun-kissed, or if you use heat on it regularly. I've been using it on my dry elbows! Sexy!

4. Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil for Lips (20ml) £4 RRP.   
This has become my new favourite beauty product and is a permanent feature in my changing bag now. I suffer from sensitive lips and find it difficult to wear anything other than vaseline, but this solid oil is intensely moisturising and perfect for dry, chapped lips. Busby also likes wearing it in her "pretending to be Mummy" moments.

Other products in the range include bubble bath (which I'm looking forward to treating myself to), body butter, radiant oil and rough scrub.

The Wild Argan Oil range is available to buy in store or online from 13th August 2014.

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*I was sent the above products in exchange for this review. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*